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Boots are always in fashion, but recently, beginning with a single collection in the Pre-Fall 2008 season, an odd silhouette for the boot has emerged.  For seasons we’ve seen the slim boots, and this spring they were there in full force as always, ranging from Akris’ suede thigh highs to the signature Ann Demuelemeester flat laceups.  However the spotlight is starting to shift toward another kind of boot.

The scrunchy boot seems to be growing in trend but it’s hard to determine whether the trend will last past this fall season and survive after spring.


It all technically started with Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2008, when scrunchy boots were shown with almost every look.  People seemed to go crazy for them, but its hard to decipher whether the adoration was truly sincere, or whether it was simply because they were Balenciaga.


That question was quickly cleared up, after Nicholas showed another variation on the boots in his full-on Fall 2008/09 collection, this time in a crème/off-white.  The crowd was split in half – those who loved the pre-fall boots, loved the fall boots, and those who didn’t thought they resembled something like, ahem, used condoms.

That same day Rick Owens showed his spectacle of fur and leather draping and craftsmanship, and had perhaps the most extreme variation of the trend, with wedge heels that looked like melted rubber and lengths that, if held straight, would reach past your waist.


Others who tried their hand at the theme included the 6267 boys for Malo, Veronique Baranquinho, and Marc Jacobs.  Shorter versions of the theme appeared on runways like Costume National and Jill Stuart. 


They even showed up in the Couture collection of Givenchy this past fall.


So one may wonder, how exactly did this trend come to be? 

It seems that the most direct answer is that streetwear is responsible. 

The brands that participated in the scrunchy boots trend are all very highly credited labels that appear frequently in streetwear looks, so its no surprise that labels like Balenciaga and Rick Owens borrowed from the streets for the newest trend in footwear. 

My thoughts are that the boots were directly inspired from the trends of raw denim and stacking (or scrunching) of denim at the ankle.  Obviously, since these are high fashion luxury brands, they are going to class it up, but streetwear influences are inevitable.


So, will you adopt the scrunchy boots look? Or leave the cankles to the Elephants?


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.