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I was really gutted that I didn’t get to see the Melissa concept store while I was in Sao Paolo.

Melissa is one of those brands, like Irregular Choice, which physically hurts my brain as I try to figure out whether I really love the shoes or really hate them.  It’s a moment that leaves me wanting to take some Nurofen or something afterwards.  With Irregular Choice, it’s the oddness of proportions/embellishments that leaves me confused.  With Melissa, it’s the plastic material and dithering about whether it will give me the stinkiest feet in the world.

However, with these ‘Joy’ shoes designed by longtime Melissa collaborator Alexandre Herchcovitch, I am definitely down for them seeing as I’d wear tights or socks with them anyhow.  As I was sorting through my shoes, lining up my flat lace-up oxford/brogues and counting seven pairs, I realized that this was probably as many brogues as most stylish guys owned.

I, therefore, shouldn’t REALLY be adding another pair to the mix…but the black and white plastic is ever so intriguing and a little different from the usual patent affairs.

The colours are pretty unusual too…. pink or purple rubber, anyone?

Anyhow, after watching the video animation on their website at (press on the video to pause/play…. it’s an odd configuration…), I’m up for latex/lame shiny SHINY black leggings (that promise of reviewing the best ones out there will sadly have to be broken as I could not for the life of me get my mitts on the Kova & T ones…) and wearing some shoes that will surely HAVE to give me happiness, seeing as they’re called Joy….