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By Melissa Alvarado-Sierra
When sports and fashion collide, not only casual and light pieces are created. This fusion also provides the opportunity of making glamorous interpretations.
The Chinese Olympic Committee presented "Olympic Beijing, Fashion China", in which the allure of fashion and sports was exemplified. The creations were originated from costumes in ancient China’s state of Chu during the Warring States period (475 B.C. to 221 B.C.)

At that time, garments were decorated with continuous rectangular lines, stripes and squared forms ultimately making armor-like silhouettes.

The similarity between ancient China costumes and sports attire is basically the light and thin materials, although stiff brocade was used in China to make selvage.


Included in the fashion show was a combination of fur coats, crossed collars dresses, narrow sleeves, leather accessories and showy brocades. The collection delivered a surprising spectacle of fashion extravagance with the Olympic Games serving as the backdrop.
Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.