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Move over skinny jeans — these days the big trend seems to be skintight leather and latex pants.
While both latex and leather have been prominent for years (especially Dior, where Galliano has used the materials for both his men and women’s collections), it took the likes of the omnipresent Kova & T’s latex leggings spotted on paparazzi favorites Lohan and MK Olsen to make them into a bonafied trend.

Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of leather or latex, but there is something incredibly versatile about leggings made from these materials.

Easily dressed-up or down, latex even helps suck in some of those less-than desirable rolls of curves – just don’t make like Ross from Friends and go powdering yourself with baby powder if you’re having trouble fitting into them!
I also have an aversion towards these bottoms when they are studded or embellished with anything beyond a back-pocket.

That said, like with most fashion statements, there are only a select few that can pull this trend off well.
Though for me pulling something off has always had more to do with personality than with age or size.
I also have a feeling that with the popularity of these pants we’ll be seeing a lot of sexy knee-high leather boots come winter street style, as well as dresses layered over these pants, since both materials are more conducive to wear when the weather cools off…

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.