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Modest and sexy. Antique and modern. Cool and prudish. What new trend encompasses all of these oppositions? The answer is lace. But this new look has nothing to do with a dusty doily.

Sexy, provocative, peek-a-boo elements, short mini dresses, lacy collars that frame the face. It’s a subtle way for a woman to look a little sultry and demure and this season, and designers are getting it right. At first glance, the looks down the runway seem modest, but look again and discover all sorts of hidden and revealing surprises. 

Prada’s ladies look almost religious, draped in lace from head to toe layered over turtlenecks, except for the fact that they are not wearing any bottoms! The nude linings are only sewn in on some of the looks making the virtuous collection a little risqué.

Alexander McQueen layers lace over full-petticoat dance dresses fashioned in bird cutouts, right down to the extended tail feather.

Stella McCartney loosens up her vegan ladies with sheer, ankle-length dressing gowns adorned in delicate lace patterns. 

Givenchy lifts things up with an asymmetrical mini-dress designed for a fabulous metropolitan party.

Roberto Cavalli creates a black princess dress for a modern day fairytale with a drop-waist fit and circle lace print.

No, this isn’t Madonna’s  “Like a Virgin” vampy lace from the 80’s, or the attire for a religious, Sicilian nun who’s devoted to prayer.

It’s somewhere in between and maybe a little of both. So vamp it up in a modest way and give those passerby’s a reason to look twice.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.