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As part of its upcoming Fashion Color Report for spring, the Pantone Color Institute provided WWD with New York designers’ favorite colors for the season. Palace Blue and Lavender popped-up as the two most sought after, both of which are similar to last season’s front-runners Blue Iris and Royal Magic. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute noted that there is a dependability factor with blues and purples. I’ve already noticed both shades prominent in Geren Ford’s Spring 2009 collection (along with fuchsia, vibrant green, and a few other of the popular color picks). It will be interesting to see how other designer appropriate these colors in their designs in the coming days.

Here is the color breakdown:

Palace Blue – 15.2% of designers choose this color

Lavender – 14%

Super Lemon – 12.4%

Salmon Rose – 12.1%

Fuchsia Red – 11.5%

Rose Dust – 9.2%

Slate Gray – 8.1%

Vibrant Green – 6.4%

Dark Citron — 6%

Lucite Green – 5%