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Styles come and styles go, but concern about the environment is here to stay. At the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Evian(r) Natural Spring Water will unveil a luxury presence as the official bottled water of the Bryant Park tents from September 5-12.  Evian has a longstanding history of supporting the fashion community and now, in turn, the fashion community is championing the luxury natural spring water’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly and globally beneficent, a top priority of Evian’s for decades.

To create a lasting visual impression, Evian has partnered with Viridis Luxe to create original wears for the "Evian Girls."  The Evian Girls, a favored presence in the Bryant Park tents this past February, will be draped in chic two-toned dresses of "Evian pink" and hot pink, with a plunging neckline held in place by braided straps that flow down the back. 

These gowns will be crafted from a combination of braided hemp satin and bamboo cotton.  The Evian Pink dresses set the tone for the models’ overall look, as they inspired the hot pink heel of shoes they will be donning, as well as the deep rose colored lipstick used on the women’s lips.

"The Viridis Luxe mission is to design luxurious clothing for those who are making the choice to tread lightly on our planet while continuing to enjoy fashion, luxury and style," said Hala Bahmet, creative director of Viridis Luxe. "’The Evian Pink’ dresses are the physical manifestation of my goal as a designer: elegant, chic and sustainable."

Because no great outfit is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes, designer Gracienne Myers created custom-designed high heels with exclusively designed fabric emblazoned with Evian labels for the Evian Girls. 

The folds of the elegant Viridis Luxe gowns cascade down to give way to these unique pink, blue and white pumps, giving the outfit an authentic Evian feel.  The shoes will be delivered to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion tents in luxury, transparent shoe storage boxes from a collection Myers recently produced, called "Clearly Glam," made from 100% recycled PET.

These outfits, along with several other items, will be auctioned through  The proceeds of this auction will go to the Evian Water Protection Institute, an organization that maintains and restores wetlands around the world. 

Evian will also continue to showcase the trend-setting Limited Edition Bottle by Christian Lacroix, the first in its new annual tradition of high fashion designer-developed bottles.