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It’s obvious that this year is a fighting one for sure when even clueless Paris Hilton can create a rebuttal to broadcast on-air to political candidates. Lets just make sure she trades in that sweet little pink dress and kitten heel Jimmy Choo’s for something a bit more warrior. Luckily, we can all release that Joan of Arc crusader inside of us this fall as designers laid out plenty of options.

Avante-garde cuts with an antique reference layered in faux fur, metal beading and medallions get this girl combat ready. Thankfully most designers kept their army-wear on the lighter side using tarnished sequins, stud placed trimmings and prints to create the look without wearing this soldier down in heavy gear.

Celine creates sequin dresses resembling sheaths of armor on serious looking models adorned with fighting gloves, and disheveled hair.

Derercuny cuts straight to the point covering a naked model with embroidered armor trimmed in fur, slit open to the waist and trimmed with tulle.

Marios Schwab shows an evening warrior on a model wearing a studded chiffon gown, slicked back hair and attitude.

Fendi’s look is exaggerated with a thick feather jacket cinched in at the waist by a structured, leather army belt. Black tights, a short mini and thigh-high leather combat boots send her off to battle.

Jill Stuart dresses Joan as she travels to her next location with a thick fur vest, soft billowy sheer blouse, skinny velvet pants and slouchy boots.

Victory is mine! Stella McCartney decorates her fighter in a patriotic Heraldic Flag staking her claim in new territories 

YSL protects her vulnerable, potentially wounded areas with chain metal cuffs and chokers.

No matter what may come your way this season, whether is be political altercations, turbulent weather or just a bad hair day, you’ll have plenty of combative designer options to see you through this winter. 


All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.