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IISLI just opened their first ever pop-up shop at 25 Bond Street in New York City. The boutique will remain open through February 1st, 2009 and features a 1000 square-foot open wood structure outfitted with its own lighting system, dressing rooms, and fixtures.

Inserted into the pop-up shop’s storefront, it was conceived and designed by IISLI founders Nelson and Sisi Li and they are calling it The Cube.

The boutique will carry IISLI’s complete Fall/Winter 2008 collection displayed alongside collectable, classic-contemporary furnishings from the Li’s own collection. 

“We wanted to create a totally portable IISLI store”, explains Sisi Li, IISLI’s designer and creative director. “The Cube instantly establishes the IISLI environment, wherever it goes – Bond Street, Las Vegas, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, anywhere in the world where IISLI wants to be. We design clothes for women who are on-the-move, so why can’t our store be on-the-move, too?”

Given the passion for art, design and architecture that Nelson and Sisi Li bring to each of their collections the retail art installation aspect to their pop-up shop seems like a wonderfully natural fit.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.