Fashion News


With the current state of the unstable economy, it seems like there’s a new store opening every week just as one closes down. However, Tenoversix may have a shot at sustaining retail longevity with its unique choice of designer and vintage buying, an interesting store layout and a hot, young Hollywood fan base.

I arrived at the opening party with a crowded line for the valet and an almost full guest list. Obama posters designed by Shepard Fairey were displayed in the store window and being distributed as free posters.

I was immediately attracted to the vintage Christian Dior sunglasses displayed on an old wooden chair. As I walked up the stairs to take a closer look at the Kristen Lee shoes, I breezed by Kirsten Dunst who was wearing a cool canary, color jacket. Down the hall I passed by Subversive jewelry and Botkier bags.

In the back room there was a short film of a model doing a photoshoot on the wall created by Joel Cole, with a lineup of chairs set up to view the movie. I moved to the last room heading towards the garden where a live band called ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes’ were playing, and where drinks and mini cupcakes  from “Babycakes” were being served.

I felt a hand grab mine and looked to my right where a short, brunette man in a chic suit looks at me stunned. “Sorry!” he says startled. I smiled, and Jason Schwartzman turned back around to continue his conversation.

The garden is gorgeous with a fountain in the center courtyard that I could barely see through because of all the people. Fashionable people were enjoying posing for each other as much as they were enjoying the show.

As the band finished its last few tracks I headed back to the front of the store and noticed cigarette carton-shaped packages with hidden literature inside by “Tankbooks,“ offering off-kilter stories like Jekyll and Hyde.

I headed outside to fight my way through the valet madness and  drove away from the boutique with the castle-like architecture. Hopefully Tenoversix will create many consumer driven, happy endings to the fairtytale stories offered inside.

Images courtesy of Jessica Ciarla.