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In general, as a cyclist, it’s difficult to raise much enthusiasm for safety gear.  It’s necessary, it could save your life, but a reflective vest will rarely get your heart thumping in the same way as, say, a jacket from Givenchy. 

It’s the same with helmets; I realize that it’s vanity, pure and simple, but it’s difficult to talk yourself into wearing something that is, in general, wildly colored and patterned and featuring aerodynamic fins and visors even though you know that not doing so increases the risk of a potential head injury.

Thankfully several companies have recognized this issue and are offering “helmet hats”, i.e. natty little chapeaus that pull on over the offending helmet and disguise any deficiencies that the aforementioned helmet may have in the looks department.

London based hi1-designs have created an oversized cap, with a 1920’s feel and reflective ribbon detail, that is functional but definitely falls prey to “you’re wearing that to disguise something, aren’t you?” syndrome.  Danish company Yakkay, on the other hand, avoids this pitfall and has created a collection of helmet hats that are, first and foremost, hats.  Of course, much as these hats solve one of the aesthetic issues surrounding helmets they do nothing for the other one…”helmet hair”.  For that you’re left to your own solutions.

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