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John Milton once wrote of “bodies . . . painted with woad in sundry figures".  The woad in question was a deep blue plant extract, worn by ancient Britons to signify tribal alliance during battle.  In the South, Queen Boudicca’s army faced their enemies with blue faces whilst further North the Picts painted their bodies (and thereby gained their very name, Pict being Celtic for “painted”).

Woad is back, though with different connotations, courtesy of Boudicca once again (though this time it’s the London based design team of Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby).  And this time it’s an “art fragrance”.  The fragrance portion of the proceedings being delivered by a mix of juniper, cardamom, sage, saffron, tree moss, and a plethora of other scents.   The “art” quotient being taken care of by the method of delivery; a pressurized spray can which delivers a cobalt blue mist.  After a few minutes on the skin the color disappears, leaving the fragrance behind.  But, for those few brief minutes, the wearer becomes a walking canvas, human graffiti, the modern-day embodiment of Boadicea (without the tribe of fighters but ready to face whatever the day may throw at her, nonetheless).