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Don’t fret if you already threw out your old leggings, because these new designs have nothing to do with the old pair you had in ’07.

Comfortable and flattering when worn under the right top or dress, leggings had an 80’s edge these past few seasons which has by now, run its course.

Designers take a new spin on the trend by adding slashed materials, interesting prints and modern fabrics.

A pair of leggings worn under an evening gown? Hard to imagine, but designers are making it work and are taking these looks to a new level.

Viktor and Rolf ‘s version are completely graphic with a geometric pencil skirt paired with black and white printed tights.

Nina Ricci invents a look for a modern Queen Elizabeth with an overpowering gown slashed, cut and accessorized with opaque bottoms.

Rodarte adds a funky touch to a monochromatic nude look with leather, cutout leggings.

Danielle Scutt delivers a “matchy matchy” look with striped, nylon bottoms, paired with a tribal inspired sheath gown.

Givenchy takes us to a rock- n- roll after party with leather patchwork leggings under a beaded tank and sheer overlay.

Wear them with heels, boots or flats these stylish new options won’t disappoint.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.