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Above: Mary Quant, her coterie of chic followers, and a sneak preview of her stamp.

In the Sixties, Mary Quant created an edgy, mod aesthetic that — more than Courrèges, more than Cardin, even more than Biba — best epitomized the spirit young, smart British women sought to personify through dressing. Her daisies, patterned tights, and most significantly, her controversial “miniskirt” transcended mere fashion innovation and became immutable pop cultural insignia. Now, her iconic legacy will be commemorated by way of the most visible of British institutions — the postage stamp.

In January, the Royal Mail will unveil their British Design Classics collection, a set of postage stamps which will celebrate the most famous specifically British iconography. Alongside the Telephone Box, the Concorde, and the London Underground tube map, Quant’s Mini will be immortalized. Quant herself designed her strikingly graphical stamp, which features a model wearing a black miniskirt, tights, and a sleek, zippered top.

The stamp will be released on January 13, 2009. A book of ten will cost £4.10.

Mary Quant’s shift silhouettes and clean lines exemplify retro futurism at its very finest. For vintage shoppers, Quant represents the holy grail of pre-loved treasures. Here are four of our favorites — all available now.

Clockwise, from top left:

Mary Quant Black Crepe Day Dress.

Mary Quant Platform Shoes

Mary Quant 1960s Tartan Schoolgirl Dress

Mary Quant Sailor Blue Mod Blazer