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Yes, the ripped jean look is hot for both Fall ’08 and Spring 2009 but that doesn’t mean Bret Michaels should go on a reunion tour. The torn jean look exudes a sense of freedom and sexiness that’s pretty blatant. Depending on the placement of the rip, the look has the potential to become vulgar.

Luckily designers are creating a few options that remain wearable out on the streets rather than just on the runways. A dressed up beaded top or blousy cover over a pair of ripped denim balances out the very casual contrast resulting in a contemporary take on the old trend.

Christopher Kane was a hit with a python print blouse over a pair of torn, bleached denim for Spring 2008.

Martin Margiella took us even further wih a barely there pair of shredded denim paired with a constructed, monochromatic top.

Alexander Wang showed extra short, ripped, denim bottoms for ’08 and extends the trend into sweaters for ’09.

Balmain takes us into ’09 with a fresh take of a slightly suggested ripped jean paired with heavy beaded, constructed jackets.

Luckily the look has been on the market for a season so you’ll have plenty of affordable knock-off options to choose from.