Fashion News


For Spring 2009, the trend may be moving toward a fuller, high-waisted pant but the skinny pant hasn’t gone far. It’s making its way from casual jean into a tailored, vibrant colored suit and it’s not going to be a quiet about it. Stylish, impeccably tailored and clean, the suit pant is shown paired with matching suit jackets or blousy tops. Designed in shiny fabrics, brocade and bright cottons, pants finish with a narrow ankle length, cuffed hems and even cropped at the mid calf.

Gucci is not wearing camouflage on this safari adventure. Models wore bright cerulean, tailored pants with double pleated waistlines and skinny leg pants cuffed at the ankle.

Carolina Herrera dresses up her ladies who lunch in a cropped, tangerine skinny pant with matching jacket.

Max Mara creates a monochromatic, tailored look in a ocean blue, skinny pant with a matching cropped, suit jacket and undershirt.

Lanvin disturbs proportions with magenta pants in a full hip and skinny leg cut, paired with a matching, exaggerated shoulder blouse.

Mathew Williamson keeps his California girl dreaming in a hot pink suit created for a Hollywood agent. Shiny, tailored pants, paired with a sleek blazer look chic and clean mixed with a relaxed, white T.

Want to wear skinny, suit pants at night? It’s easy, pair the tailored pants with a casual top and oversized accessory for a relaxed take on the suited up style.