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With the sudden influx of color in the Spring/Summer 2009 collections, this radiant trend of color blocking is the ideal way to brighten up your wardrobe this coming season.

Color blocking adds a bold element to any look, creating an optical illusion which transforms simple clothes into a fashion forward outfit.

Primary and secondary colors. Contrasting and complimentary colors. Keywords which evoke memories of the color wheels we studied in art, learning which colors go together and which don’t. Now we can put that knowledge to good use, exploring color in our wardrobes rather than on paper.

For the not so adventurous fashionistas, complimentary colors in an outfit is a vibrant way of staying on trend. Mixing fiery red with warm orange or deep blue with cool violet, for example, creates a harmonious look. Pair the color-happy styling with neutral colored shoes for a simple but sophisticated aspect.

Salvatore Ferragamo complimented the trend with a mix of pastel orange and red while Richard Nicoll maintained a berry mix of different shades of pink.

But for the daring fashion enthusiast, mixing up a cocktail of color may be favoured. Picking up contrasting colors from the opposite ends of the color wheel can create an interesting combination. Integrating majestic purple with dazzling orange (a la Luella) may be a questionable blend, but when teamed with a loud handbag or an alluring pair of shoes, the outfit will be desired by all.

The notorious Marc Jacobs saluted the trend with a mix of a rich yellow blouse and royal blue wet look, over the knee pencil skirt, mixing cool and warm colors in the process.

Sinha-Stanic’s take on the trend consisted of a selection of candy colors. Cotton candy pink, lime green and white create a sweet, delicious interpretation.

Whether you choose to compliment or contrast, brighten up the streets with vibrant color and quirky attitude. Winter will be drawing to an end, so make a statement with this dazzling trend and dress with head to toe radiance in the brightest season of the year.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.