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African-inspired accessories are making a loud entrance into Spring 2009 wardrobes. Animal prints, vibrant colors and exotic skins are showing up on runways as tribal accents to safari clothing collections.
While exotic heels take on new heights, bangles get layered in metals and animal leather prints, while bags take everything inspired by the wild and throw it into one, amazing accessory. Heavy, jungle themed trimmings and unique accents add a modern twist to these safari beauties.
Marc Jacob adds layers of color, zebra and python skins to a tribal design, beaded handbag.
Louis Vuitton goes wild in a snake printed stiletto, embellished with feathers, organic beading and colors chosen for the natives.

Fendi adds heights to a “wild like” hairdo and gets bold with colorful accessories mixed with modern metals and African colors.
Hermes is ready to go on safari with a zebra printed luggage bag.
Lanvin manages to stay city chic with a turquoise, cheetah print evening clutch and matching ensemble.

Paired with bright, colored looks or neutral, sheer collections, these African-inspired gems will mix up any solid piece with their dimensional, layered prints and tribal trimmings. Work them into your already colorful collection or use them as a nice contrast to add a little kick to your closets neutrals.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.