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On Tuesday, January 20th there was yet another Alexander McQueen and Puma collaboration launch. The two have previously teamed up for a limited edition line of footwear, and given its success, the two powerhouses will now launch their line of sports-inspired clothing and accessories for men and women with a celebration in Milan. The running theme in the pieces is said to be “power” and boxing. Though not likely to be as hotly anticipated as the McQueen collaboration with Target, the line will hit Fall 2009 and will retail under the name Alexander McQueen Puma apparel and accessories. As for prices, they will start at $72 for a T-shirt and go for up to $790 for a jacket.

If $790 for a Puma jacket seems pricey – albeit an Alexander McQueen one — $250,000 for a Ferragamo one seems downright out of this world. That’s just the price tag, however, of a full-length, double-breasted, black crocodile skin trench coat from the Italian luxury house. The coat features epaulettes, D-rings, forearm straps and a silk lining and is only available by special order.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.