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Stripes, polka dots geometric shapes. They have been seen as prominent prints down the runways but designers are taking a step further with creating geometric silhouettes for Spring 2009. Soft fabrics are layered into structured designs while hips and shoulders get exaggerated with pleating.
Hard and soft elements are paired together to force structured contrasts and silhouettes are taking modern new shapes that don’t quit resemble the body. Designers are certainly making a statement this season about their new versions of beauty and the human form.
Comme des Garcons goes wild with a organza headpiece and hexagon cutout, metallic skirt.
Alexander McQueen combines modern shapes with his classic vintage style with pleated sleeves, a constructed corset and exaggerated hip in soft and hard fabrics.
Sleek and chic, Calvin Klein creates a constructed form out of a soft metallic fabrics using layeres to create volume and structured shaoes.
Little Italian girl, Dolce and Gabbana creates an asymmetrical skirt for a native prima donna.
Christopher Kane is wild about pleats and circles with a bright tangerine, organza mini-dress.
Whether it’s a light fabric mixed with heavier textures to force a shape or the use of volume and draping to create a structured piece, designers are getting creative this season by inventing new silhouettes for fashionistas to play with.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.