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It’s a few weeks into our New Years Resolutions, and I bet the majority of you out there had “get in shape” as one of the top five. Designers are making it easier this year by creating gorgeous sporty frocks fit for an active socialite. Running pants, workout shorts and weatherproof jackets are hitting the runways in cool colors and interesting design twists.
With options like these, there’s no reason to be seen jogging in those old dirty sweats and worn-out sweatshirts. Great fashion once again motivates movement..
Abaete is ready to jazzercise in a striped leotard over a black jumpsuit.
Ready for walking, Behnaz Sarafpour sends girls down in lightweight jogging pants and trendy walking shoes.
After an intense dance class, a girl just wants to cover up in a big 80’s sweatshirt. Luckily Alxendar Wang creates one for his stylish fan base dedicated to their craft.

Reminiscent of the scantily clad workout satire of the 1970’s, Brian Reyes gives us a micro-mini sweat short with an easy breezy top and jacket.
Matching and loosely fitted, Erin Fetherston designs and printed look you almost don’t want to sweat in.
Waterproof? Maybe, but DKNY’s running jacket in neon green will make sure you will stand out in the triathlon crowds.
These collections are beautiful and may motivate us to hit the gym more often in style, but use these looks as more of an inspiration then an actual workout ensemble. They may be a little too pretty to handle that dirty treadmill.