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I think just about every fashion blog including fash forum and Polyvore lovin’ has heaped gushing compliments on Bebaroque, creators of tights that make you think twice about saying "But they’re JUST tights….".  I can attest that they are pretty and striking in person and most importantly can withstand wear and tear, which is vital considering the prices.


Now they have added another string to their hoisery-focused line by incorporating body wear into their new collection.  I’ve been obsessed with the concept of body wear for a while now, beginning with my Bordelle corset and recent attraction to any tight mesh or body garments.  These new bodies have headed over to Russia for inspiration which naturally combined well with the familiar Bebaroque paisley patterns.  


They are so pretty that I’m tempted to go it alone with just the body, opaque tights, an up-do (need the tresses out of the way to best show off the bodies) and super high ankle boots…



Of course they haven’t neglected tights and I’m thinking the studded body and tights combo is the answer to the Kate "But I’m dancing" Bush look.