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You have to hand it to those advertising boffins. Here we are deep in the midst of a recession, when even the biggest shopaholic feels slightly nervous before making a purchase, and some bright young thing decides that what Saks really needs at this point are shopping bags which hark back to the propaganda art of the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. You can almost hear the marketing meeting… 

"No…you see…it will be ironic…comparing the current climate in the US with post-war Russia…a Russia with "almost total economic collapse, famine and bitter discontent". Won’t shoppers see the delicious incongruity and biting wit and flock to the stores to lay down their hard earned cash?" 

The sad thing is that in a different climate the design, which was created by Shepard Fairey the artist behind the Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster, might be amusing.  But at the moment the overall theme just seems a little tasteless and over-the-top.  It’s an advertising crossroads where 20’s despair meets 80’s decadence, but does the road lead to shopping nirvana?