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Photos by Patrick Butler

Verrier’s program notes described a rainy day in the port town of Cherbourg, France – the label’s designer, Ashleig Verrier, was inspired by the 1964 film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg which set the tone for the Fall/Winter 2009 Verrier collection.

The rainy day translated into a washed-out color palette of purples and browns along with deep reds, gray, and black.

As is usually the case with Verrier’s looks, most of the pieces were very feminine – plenty of ruffles, frills, crystal accents, and sheer details.

That said, as the collection progressed, the designer played the innocence and femininity of her frilly details against a distinctly military-influenced style that translated into tailored jackets and coats constructed of hearty wool, leather, and mink.

In line with the movie, the contrast highlights a play between innocence and experience that made this collection a step-up from what the designer has previously showcased.