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To complement the rainbow of colors that Chris Benz presented in his Fall/Winter 2009 collection – tangerine, royal blue, lime green, electric yellow, and fire engine red – makeup artist Daniel Martin and his team turned to Lancome’s Fall 2009 color collection, Declaring Indigo.

Benz’ collection this season was inspired by an uptown girl seeking refuge in the nightclub scene of the 1980’s – very much like Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2009 collection. To complement his looks, Benz asked Martin to create a “morning after the disco” look.

For the glossy slightly smudgy eye makeup, Daniel layered a variety of products. He applied Indigo Charm cream liner to a bare eyelid using his fingers. He then applied Color Design Eye Shadow in the New Black and mixed the two products together.

For definition, Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in M Black 01 was applied to the upper and lower lash lines and smudged. Next came a touch of Piha Black Color Fever Gloss on the lids for that danced-all-night effect. Several coats of Hypnose Mascara were used to create the thick, black lashes.

Lancome’s three limited edition fall nail polishes were also used – Indigo Paris (bright blue), Golden Audacity (opaque gold), and Rouge Liberty (crimson red).

The complexion was kept relatively matte to showcase the eyes and the lips, which were soft and nude.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.