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The fashion pack took their seats at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome, eagerly waiting to be dazzled by an influx of sequins and extravagance. There was a definite feeling of the Circus fairground and escape – which seems to be an extremely popular stimulus for not only fashion, but music also. Ashish Gupta describes the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 09 collection as “Depression era carnivals, the American Wild West and Liberace.”

The Ashish woman is described as being “Fun-loving and sexy with a sense of humour. She likes to make an entrance.” And boy did she make an entrance. An acrobat, suspended in the air, opened the show, and kept the crowd entertained. Also, popular singer and fashion icon VV Brown sang during the show.

The three-time winner of the New Generation award and Central Saint Martin Graduate dazzled with looks that oozed exuberance. Ashish always pleases, especially when his signature embellishment – sequins – takes centre stage again.

Neon green and pink leopard print tights paired with Christmas jumpers – like the ones our Grandma knits for us, snowflakes and all. Tiger and zebra print peep toe wedges, jumpers adorned with giant pom pom balls that seemed to be stolen from the juggler, and mini dresses in highlighter bright shades caused a magnificent clash of colour and print we simply couldn’t fathom or resist. Striped sequin trousers and stars and striped shorts showed patriotism towards the USA. The looks were accessorized with bowler hats sprouting bright, vibrant flowers and fascinators tangled with mini pom poms.

Extravagant hair and makeup was also featured, with clown-inspired looks to fit the theme. Lips were painted blue, purple, pink and red and blusher had the entire rainbow to choose from.

Vibrant colour, quirky design, and fun attitude towards fashion is what makes Ashish’s garments so desirable, and provided a much needed breath of fresh air from the more somber designers showing at London Fashion Week. From the “zebra brought to life” jumper to tiger motifs emblazoned on trouser legs, the Ashish woman will definitely have all eyes on her, in the centre of the ring, just like a Circus.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.