Fashion News


The iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle has been interpreted in an endless amount of ways by artist and fashion designers alike. Now – perhaps in light of the upcoming premier of the Chanel documentary “Coco avant Chanel” – Kuwait retailer Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah has enlisted 25 artists and industrial designers to interpret the iconic Chanel No.5 bottle for an exhibition at his new gallery, Al Sabah Art & Design.  
Reportedly nearly 90 percent of the works sold in the first few hours because people are “starving for fun, new and creative artistic ideas,” says Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah. The individual works were priced between $300 and $500 and included works from Haluk Akakçe, Maarten Baas, and Tom Dixon. The reinterpreted bottles – most of which contain perfume – will be on display through April 20th at the gallery.  
That’s not all the news with Chanel, however. The legendary house is sponsoring the Tribeca Film Festival’s Artist Awards Program and is getting its own art preview this year at their New York City Soho store at 139 Spring Street from April 16th through April 29th.
The works previewed will be those of the ten New York artists who donated works to the festival’s winning filmmakers. The artists who donated work this year include Clifford Ross, Mickalene Thomas, Stephen Hannock, Robert Mangold, David Salle, Hank Willis Thomas, Fritz Chestnut, Tom Slaughter, Kalup Linzy and SunTek Chung.
In other big collaboration news, Yves Saint Laurent has teamed-up with Puma to create a high-top sneaker. The sneaker style is for men and comes in black leather or gray suede. It is currently available worldwide at YSL boutiques, but in the United States it will be sold exclusively on the YSL e-commerce site.