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Selfridges is celebrating its 100 years in the retail business with a big celebration that will include an exhibition at Ultralounge that recounts the store’s history, a weekend of musical events (including a line-up of celebrity DJs like Henry Holland), and yellow anniversary-themed products from brands including Marc Jacobs, Giles, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and Coca-Cola. The celebrations will begin on April 30th with a champagne and birthday cake party at the retail store and continue through the month of May.  


The exhibition housed in the Ultralounge will take up 3,000 square feet, exploring founder Harry Gordon Selfridge’s personal passions including shopping as a form of entertainment, air travel, and all things mystical. The store’s celebrity customers and services will also be featured.  For example, Selfridges packed the Duchess of Windsor’s suitcases for her 1936 journey into exile, and hosted several ostentatious events over the years.

Further, Selfridge’s Oxford Street windows are decorated with vintage items and the department store’s Wonder Room is an ode to all things yellow, including items such as Absolut Vodka bottles, Christian Louboutin stilettos, Marc Jacobs handbags, Alexander McQueen skull-adorned clutches, and Diptyque candles.


In addition to celebrating 100 successful years in the retail business, the iconic Selfridge’s is also reportedly doing well despite today’s tough economic climate. 
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.