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All the world is a stage, and the men and women merely players.
Wouldn’t it be a nice break to step away from who you are perceived to be in the world, and for a moment, to be someone else?  What a relief to not care about what anyone thinks of you!
Imagine being free of obligations, social criticisms and standards.  Masks accomplish this, evoking a sense of freedom. When we hide our eyes from the world, it’s as if no one can really see us or judge who we are. We feel free, invigorated…perhaps more careless about our actions.
We may try things we wouldn’t normally try and our personalities may be a little more provocative because we are in disguise. Designers are turning to masks for Fall ’09 and incorporating them into ready-to-wear looks. Soft netting and hats with peekaboo mesh are urging fashionistas to get a little more provocative this season.
Diesel’s Black and Gold collection featured nude netting and casual black jumpsuits for a contrast of sophisticated casualness.
Richard Nicoli is a little naughty in nude with a skim fitting skirt separate and matching garter belt, nude mask.
Adding a cool twist to a rocker look, Nina Ricci cuts a strip of tweed out of a Bowler hat and adds a little mesh for limited viewing.
Jean Paul Gaultier is seductive in black and sheer fabrics, adding a sexy net mask to a sleek black dress and leather glove ensemble.
A twist on the Alice in Wonderland adventure, Erin Fetherston creates sparkly masks in a variety of animal shapes for the girl who appreciates magic.
Weather you prefer a seductive blindfold in sheer fabrics or a cutsey cover in pastel colored rhinestones, there are plenty of ways to add a little cover to that pretty face this season. Just remember not to do anything you may later regret while in this new fashionable disguise!