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The list of designer bicycles is growing.  Luxury French fashion house Hermes has released one just in time for the Northern Hemisphere spring.

Last year Hermes collaborated with Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus to adorn an Old Dutch in luxury Hermes leather detail, and this season they’ve re-produced the bike with Hermes’ signature orange accenting the stainless steel bike.

The original bike featured 3-speeds and leather accents on the saddle and handlebar grips, but there is no further word with updated features for 2009. According to the Hermes website description, the bike does feature lacquered stainless steel, Clemence leather, a kickstand, front and rear lighting, carrier with bundy cord, a mud flap and spoke protector.

But really, we just want to see more photos! We know we can take a closer look at last year’s version on YouTube, but this one is newer and shinier.

If you’re looking to invest in this pretty baby, it will set you back a tidy U.S. $4,000 – which is cheaper than Chanel’s bicycle, a little more expensive than the Cynthia Rowley one (as seen on Gossip Girl) but a lot more expensive than the Gap’s (well it is the Gap after all).

If I were you, I’d be calling Hermes boutique’s now to see who stocks it and if you can give it a trial run in stores now!