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Ever since I first caught sight Robert Capa’s photograph of Picasso holding a beach umbrella over Francoise Gilot as she walked along the beach at Golfe-Juan, I’ve connected parasols with romance.  Or, to be more precise, sun protection and romance; a pairing that, sadly, you don’t come across terribly often (SPF rarely causing the heart to flutter) and one that as an exceedingly pale person I heartily applaud. 
Of course, love affairs – even those with accessories – are never simple.  It’s one thing to say “I want to spend the summer strolling along under the lazy shadow of a parasol”.  It’s a completely different thing to actually find one. 
The bamboo and paper variety are easy to track down; a trip to your local oriental market should offer a decent selection.  But, for those of us who lust after the architectural, structured, beauty of a Victorian fabric parasol, or Picasso’s mid-century version, things gets slightly more complicated.  The modern store simply does not cater for the anti-sun worshipper.  They have a vast selection of sunglasses, a smaller collection of hats, but nothing in a sunshade. 
Your only option is eBay, online stores catering to historical recreationists, and a certain amount of perseverance.  Try
Love, as they say, is never easy.