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A trip to the Caribbean may be on most people’s dream list this season, but a paradise-energized wardrobe can spice up your summer no matter where you’re at. Take note as we visit the Caribbean in search of the latest summer trends, island style… 

Walking on the beach, enjoying exotic cocktails, and an year-round tan is only the beginning when it comes to describing a Caribbean lifestyle. What you wear in these tropical locations is as influential as the scenery itself.  On the alluring island of Puerto Rico, fashion designers go above and beyond to invent colorful, breezy, sexy ensembles that are true to the Caribbean aesthetic. We attended the San Juan Summer Fest, which recently showcased some of the best fashion designers on the island.  They filled the runway with dreamy sun dresses, dramatic bikinis, and blazing brights galore. Here’s a taste of the Resort Collection from top designers David Antonio, Eddie Guerrero and Nico&Adrian.  

David Antonio’s sunny frocks were refreshing, light and sexy. The designer described his collection as a fresh take on the traditional summer dress, making his pieces ideal garbs for a resort escapade.  

Nico&Adrian wowed the audience with their impeccable color palette and fashion-forward style. We had a chance to talk to Adrian Alicea and learned about his impressive resume that includes stints at Gaultier, Armani, and Westwood, to name a few.

Since starting Nico&Adrian, the designers’ creations have been featured on several covers, including Italian Vogue, Men’s Vogue, and Jalouse, N£mero.  Alicea is originally from Puerto Rico and currently resides in New York.    


Eddie Guerrero’s creativity always goes the extra mile. This time, the designer’s inspiration came from colorful tattoos and Asian motifs. The figure-flattering mini dresses and skirts were remarkable, along with some seriously slinky bikinis. 

The San Juan Summer Fest also featured jewelry from local designers, as well as the opportunity for savvy fashionistas to mingle and enjoy the night with electronic music played by local DJ’s as a backdrop.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.