Fashion News


In an effort to both progress the knowledge of fashion history and continue her jump on the booming digital wave, Designer/ Filmmaker ZULEMA, will produce a feature length documentary titled “Ink Bleach.”

The trailer for the documentary, as well as other film projects, will be presented at the Rush Arts Gallery on September 14th 2009 at 6 pm and simultaneously at and The event will act as her Spring 2010 collection and a fundraiser for the film “Ink Bleach.”

“Ink Bleach” is a documentary about the history of African American and Afro- Caribbean fashion. Zulema produces films with her partner, Sherie L. Weldon, under the name Deux Conceptualiste Noir.  

Zulema became the first designer to present her collections via digital media for fashion week using a film/video format.  Since then, this format has grown in popularity and has been embraced by independent and major designers alike.