Nordstrom Rack, Styled By Blogger Kayla Aimee

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Remember how I attended the preview of the Nordstrom Rack and promised to show you what I bought? This is me keeping that promise. That's how I do, y'all.

So Nordstrom Rack invited me to create three separate looks in my style treasure hunt. I love a good style challenge so I plundered the racks to create some fun ensembles. Okay seriously, I'll stop with the pirate puns. (I really can't help myself. I also do a lot of bad Keira Knightly impressions. Just kidding. My Keira Knightly impression is awesome.)

The fitting room girls were incredibly sweet and helpful. They propped me up on this little stand in front of the fancy mirror and it was sort of like I was on a stage, which is slightly awkward when you are taking lots of selfies but fun nevertheless.

Look #1: The Special Occasion Outfit

Now, I am not super trendy. But I keep seeing lots of women running around Atlanta in these cut-out booties. I've never been one for booties. In fact, I sort of abhorred them and I think this can be traced back to the fact that my mother wore them all the time in the Eighties. Actually, she never stopped. I bet if I were to go downstairs right now and raid her closet I would find no fewer than seven pairs of booties. But I decided to try to be all on-trend and such and so I paired them with this shift dress that I thought was amazing, if not a little too big for me.


How do we feel about this look, Internet? I actually ended up really liking those booties. I can't believe I'm admitting that. The only reason that I did not leave with them is that they are fairly impractical to my lifestyle. I mean, I spend the majority of my day covered in peanut butter.