Waterless Cleansers Make a Splash

A new crop of cleansers have arrived on the beauty scene, and they don't require water.

Promising to remove dirt and makeup sans the harsh surfactants (code word for the sodium laurel sulfate found in most foaming cleansers), these new products look like toners, and contain moisturizing qualities from humectants like propylene glycol.

To use a waterless facial cleanser, start out by pouring three to five millimeters into your palm – you can soak a cotton ball as well – and gently rub it onto your face, avoiding your eyes. The alcohol will evaporate once it hits your skin, thus removing the foam, and the need to rinse.

It's a great idea – and great for travel – but waterless cleansers are not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, the alcohol may dry you out, making your skin vulnerable to bacteria, fungi, and other irritants. If a break-out occurs, it's time go back to your tried-and-true cleanser.

Dior Instant Cleansing Water, Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Cleanser, Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser, and Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water are the latest waterless cleansers to make a splash! All contain fruit, flower, and/or marine extracts, which aid a gentle cleanse. Clarins is the mildest of the bunch, containing allantoin, an anti-irritant; Formula 10.0.6., with its added lactic acid, is best for oily, break-out-prone skin.

Waterless Cleansers

The waterless facial cleanser is a great invention, and perfect for on-the-go travel.