Beauty Travel Tips

Model at the airportResort season is here, and many of us will be traveling for the holidays. Whether you’re crossing the Atlantic or just heading from the East to the West Coast, airplanes can cause even the most well-behaved skin to act up when proper precautions aren’t taken. The low humidity levels on planes can cause major skin dehydration: dry skin becomes even drier and oily skin becomes more oily, since skin reacts to dehydration by producing more oil. Follow these tips to help keep skin looking its best.


TIP: Hydrate skin and apply SPF before the flight 

Fight the breakouts and the dead skin cells by applying pre-flight skin hydration with a serum and a moisturizer – ideally ones with SPF (in an airplane, you're closer to the sun and UV-rays penetrate windows , so avoid window seats).  If your serum and moisturizer aren’t formulated with SPF, apply a sunscreen over them. Lancome’s Primordiale line fights dry skin effectively, as does the Vichy Aqualia Thermal line. Check out Clarins for a variety of reliable SPF products.


TIP: Don't mist your face with water during the flight

One of the biggest mistakes people make is misting their faces in-flight. Mists are great for a refreshing pick-me-up, and given the stuffiness of airplane air, they sure are tempting. Skin care expert Renée Rouleau completely changed my in-flight beauty strategy with this information: since water attracts water, when you spray your skin, the moisture attracts water from deep layers within the skin and evaporates into the dry air, resulting in even drier skin. The answer? When in-flight, leave your skin alone!


TIP: Use a light scrub and moisturizing mask after your flight

Once off the plane, opt for a light scrub. I’m a big fan of Dermalogica’s Microfoliant. It’s a water-activated scrub that's light, yet effective on even very sensitive skin. The scrub will help get rid of flaking dead skin cells. Then, apply a mask – I recommend Sensai’s 3D Mask. Each mask has almost an entire bottle of the brand’s Lifting Radiance Concentrate, so you can just take the fabric-like mask out of its pouch and apply it to your face for 10-20 minutes. It's not only relaxing, but it also gives skin a quick rejuvenating boost.


But remember: pre-, during-, or post-flight, the best thing you can do for your skin is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Happy flying!


Image courtesy of Creativitality