How to Glam Up Your Nails for the Holidays


There are so many ways to be creative at home with your nails these days and the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to be creative. A friend of mine, who is a DIY beauty expert, shared with me 5 ways to step your nail game up over the holidays. 

1. Metallic for the win

While metallics can be a challenge, the trick is to keep smooth, even strokes. Three even coats should do the trick, finished off with a good amount of top coat. For a sure way to make a statement, Top Shop has a great set of metallic polish colors.

Top Shop Metallics

2. Ornaments on the nails

I have noticed a trend of 3-D art on the nails, and though it looks pretty cool, I do have to admit that it scares me a tad bit. If you are going to be busy in the kitchen and around the house over the holidays, perhaps dangling items on all 10 of your nails isn't the best idea. I think I would be down to try it on a few fingers though. The key with this look is to apply crystals, beads, and embellishments while layering on the clear top coat to anchor the 3-D element. Sephora carries an easy to use kit.

Sephora Nail Ornament Kit

3. Ombre your tips

Ombre is most commonly known for hair color, but it can also be applied to manicures. Think of it as having a set of nails that gradually lightens from darker shades to lighter shades. This is one of my ultimate favourite looks. Try this 5 piece Horizons-Ombre Nail Shades set by THE NEW BLACK.

4. Statement Nail

An easy way to make a statement is by painting your ring and/or middle finger a flashy color. In order to create that WOW factor, you should try to keep your other nails in a neutral tone, like grey, beige, or taupe. This ensures the other bright colors really stand out. If you want to try something new but don’t want to do too much, this is your best bet.

To the left is OPI Nail Lacquer in Give Me The Moon, to the right OPI Nail Lacquer in Coney Island Cotton Candy, two of the many I love from OPI.


5. Glitter and Sparkles

If you want your nails to glitter, you can do it in a few easy steps. The most important step is to make sure to paint your nails in a solid color first. Once that’s done, you can layer some glitter on the tips like a French manicure. Essie Golden Gate gives some great glittery gold tips.

Essie Golden Nugget

There you go, add a bit of fun to your nails this holiday season.