DIY: Neon Stripe Clutch

While the stretch stirrup pants and the shoulder pads of the 80s have bit the fashion dust (for good reason), some trends, like pops of neon, stick around for a while. Whether you're adding neon to your beauty routine or mixing it in with some bright accessories, a little splash of neon paired with soft silhouettes and classic staples can make your wardrobe classic and fun. Don't believe me? I had my friend Sarah demonstrate how a little bit of neon can go a long way in pulling together an outfit.

From Clare Vivier to Rebecca Minkoff, it feels like neon is everywhere this season. And if you don't feel like shelling out a lot of money for a funky trend, you can paint yourself an on-trend neon clutch with just a few supplies.

What you need to make the neon clutch:

  • Paint (White + Neon) I used this paint by Folk Art.
  • Clutch (I used this black clutch with a shiny finish, but I would recommend an envelope clutch like this with more of a matte finish. Think: suede, leather, or fabric. The paint won't chip off as much on the rougher texture.)
  • Painter's Tape
  • Mod Podge

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is mark off the part of the purse you want to paint by taping a line around the top of the clutch. If you're painting on a dark clutch like I did, I recommend painting a couple white layers of paint before adding the neon.

Step 2: After you've got a nice layer of white paint and the clutch isn't showing through, take off the tape and touch up the rough edges. Then take your neon paint and cover the white. This should take 2-3 coats.

Step 3: When all the paint is dry, take your Mod Podge and add a thin sealing layer. I just painted on the Mod Podge with a brush– the Mod Podge layer really helps the paint stay on the clutch.

And that's it! Whether you wear your pop of neon to a girls' night out or a garden party, you won't regret wearing this neon trend 20 years later. (Unlike those oversized scrunchies and parachute pants.)