8 Guys Dish On Their Relationship Deal Breakers

Ever wonder why Prince Charming never called you back? Don’t worry, it wasn’t you, it was your dog (or cat)! Peep this list of 8 relationship deal breakers according to him.

Relationship Deal Breakers

1. Dog Owners

“If you have a dog in NYC, you better have a dog walker and not live in a studio apartment. Dating someone with a dog is a huge burden. No dinners or happy hours directly after work: ‘I have to let the dog out.’ You can’t go on spur of the moment trips. ‘Who will watch the dog?’ When you’re dating someone with a dog you could be having the best date ever and decide to go back to their place for some romantic time only to realize the dog has thrown up all over the apartment!” – Stephen

2. Girls Who Only Talk About Themselves

“One of the biggest relationship deal breakers for me is when a woman cannot stop talking about herself. If you cannot carry a conversation that involves taking interest in what I have to say, then I have no interest in the relationship moving forward. Conversations are meant to be a two way street, not simply me listening to how amazing your life is.” – AJ

3. No Career Prospects/Aspirations

“I think it's important to find someone who shares similar ambitions and wants the same things out of life as you do. At this point, my career is #1, and anyone I date has to understand that. I'd like to get married someday, of course, but I want to have established myself in my field first. At my age (27) I think it's a mistake not to plan for the future, and anyone who doesn't share that sentiment will probably not be a good match in the long run.” – Matt  

4. Girls Who Wear Crocs

“She could be a Victoria’s Secret model for all I care, but if she’s wearing Crocs, forget it! Whoever God put on earth to design those shoes clearly has no sense of style.” – Alejandro

5. Smokers

“Nothing is more disgusting to me than smoker’s breath. It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is. If she lights up, she’s out. A long time ago — and I mean a really long time ago — I kissed a girl who smoked. We actually ended up dating for a while, but I remember how unpleasant it was to kiss her, to smell her breath and to have to endure the smell of cigarettes in general. Never again.” – Jim

6. Texting An Ex

“The biggest deal breaker for me is when a woman continues to receive texts and entertain phone calls from a recent ex, whether it’s an ex-boyfriend or an ex-friend with benefits, but especially the latter.” – Daniel

7. No College Education

“Every woman I’ve met in my life who hasn’t gone to college, I haven’t had a connection with. Whether it’s immaturity or a lack of being interested in knowledge, this has just been my experience. I’ve also read many studies that indicate that divorce rates are lower when both partners are college educated, and even lower when attaining masters and post doctorates. When I get married, I only want to do it once. It seems so easy for people to check out of relationships and marriages in this day and age, it’s a shame.” – Anthony

8. Cat Lovers

“If a girl has cats, or even likes cats, that’s a big deal breaker for me. Cats are kind of creepy, and the same can be said about girls who like cats. They tend to be needy and more difficult to deal with. I don’t care about her cats, and I certainly don’t want to change the kitty litter. Plus, I’m allergic, so it wouldn’t really work out anyway.” – Kenny