DIY: Turn a Broken Necklace Into a Chic Chain Strap Tank Top

Confession: deep down I am a bit of a fashion pack rat. When it comes time to get rid of unworn wardrobe items, I usually have a tough time parting with some pieces because I never know what may come in handy later. The nude tank top in this project is a perfect example of my hoarding habits. Before I added the chain straps, this shirt hit just below my waist. And while this type of midriff-baring top might've been cool back when Britney Spears sang "Baby One More Time," I probably should have taken the tank to Goodwill a long time ago. But I'm glad I kept it because it was the perfect shirt for my chain strap summer top. (Chains always seem to look great in the summer, right?) 

What You Need to Make the Chain Strap Tank Top:

For the necklace, I recommend using a thicker chain so that you prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. With pliers or a pair of old scissors, cut your necklace so that you have two even strands. 

Then, you need to lay your tank top flat and snip off the tops at the shoulders. Gather the straps and stitch them to the end of the chain. I sewed the front straps first and then tried on the shirt to make sure the chains are the correct length.  

You can also add a bit of ribbon to cover where the chain meets the shirt, but this isn't necessary. Pair this top with a flowing maxi skirt and some statement jewelry and you've got a breezy look for the warm summer season.