Friends Forever? 8 Signs of a True BFF

Best Friends

There are very few friends that will come into your life that you’ll truly connect with and that will stick around for the long run. The ones that do, well, consider them your BFFs. If you’re still wondering, however, check out these 8 signs of a true best friend.

Best Friends

1. She Tells It Like It Is

Whether you’re seeking her opinion about a guy you like or just want to know if a particular dress looks hot on your bod, your BFF always tells it like it is. Maybe it’s not the answer you want to hear, but hey, at least she keeps it real, right?

2. She’s Always There When You Need Her

Your BFF is the one friend you can call up in the middle of the night and vent about whatever because you know she’ll listen. Even if she’s heard it a million times before, she’s always there to comfort you.

3. She Can Keep A Secret

You can trust her with your deepest, darkest secrets and never have to worry about her telling anyone. Unless, of course, someone needs to be told, then she’s your girl.

4. She Looks Out For Your Best Interest

When you’re contemplating a major life decision or are about to do something totally stupid, you can always count on your BFF to give her unbiased opinion. Why? Because she loves you and only has your best interest at heart.

5. Her Closet Is Your Closet

You don’t have to ask anymore. Her closet is your closet, and vice versa. I mean, isn’t that the best part of having a BFF?

6. She Celebrates Your Successes

When you land a new job or finally score a big raise at work, your BFF is the first one to congratulate you and let you how proud of you she is. And she genuinely means it, unlike some of your so-called “friends.”

7. She’s Got Your Back, No Matter What

Even if you’re not getting along or are arguing about something really dumb, your BFF always has your back, no matter what. You know, just like you’ll always have your annoying little bro’s back even when he drives you nuts?

8. She Has ESP

Your BFF can finish your sentences and often knows what you’re thinking before it comes out of your mouth. It’s like she can read your mind, and truth be told, you can read hers too. That’s just how besties are.

image: IMAXtree