So Pinteresting: Beat the Summer Heat, Stay Inside with These Cool DIYs

Is it hot where you are? Strike that — without even knowing from where you hail, we can tell: it's probably pretty dang hot there. Our preferred method of beating the heat on summer's notorious Dog Days is staying as close to the AC as possible. Aside from spending hours reading The Fashion Spot, we head straight to one of our favorite sources of endless inspiration, Pinterest, to see what other types of indoor activities with which we could engage.

With surprisingly simple tutorials for everything from reworked drinkware to surprising uses for plastic cutlery, we've rounded up 10 of the images that are most inspiring us to put down the TV remote (or step away from the keyboard) and pick up a glue gun. Read on for our picks and let us know which ones are encouraging you to get in touch with your more-handy side!