10 Tips for Beating the Dreaded Winter Blues

Cold winter weather and lack of sunshine have you feeling lazy, unmotivated or just downright blah? Don’t worry sister, you’re not the only one! According to statistics, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects somewhere between 5-6% of the U.S. population, with a higher percentage of those peeps being female. We turned to internationally recognized positive psychology life coach and happiness expert Lisa Cypers Kamen to learn how to beat those dreaded winter blues and lift our spirits on high.

Beating the winter blues

1. Go outside more.

Light and warmth give us energy and also put us in an upbeat mood. So go outside, take a walk and just breathe in some fresh air. Be in the moment and enjoy some alone time. These are all mood boosters.

2. Engage your mind.

The mind is so powerful and we use so little of it. In reality though, we can always activate parts of our brains to help us override the blues. If you ask questions of yourself (or of others), your mind doesn’t have time to be blue because it’s busy. And an engaged mind is less liable to be sad or down. A lot of the time, the blues come on because we have too much time to think.

3. Drink some orange juice.

Start your day off right by nurturing your body and feeding it the Vitamin C it needs with a cool glass of Florida orange juice. You’ll feel energized, raring and ready to go. Consume more glasses throughout the day for a happier, healthier mind and body (seriously!).

4. Let there be light!

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects people because the days are shorter and we aren’t getting enough sunlight. A full spectrum light bulb mimics outdoor lighting and will help simulate the sunshine, therefore, increasing our mood.

5. Take five.

Believe it or not, five long, deep breaths will induce relaxation by triggering the release of hormones. It’s important to take a pause in your day and just breathe and be present.

6. Create a tidy and upbeat environment.

It’s hard to be happy when you’re sitting in chaos (literally). Keep your home organized, clean and make sure things are in order. Light a candle, play lovely, ambient music and put fresh flowers around the house. Add a pop of color with a bright throw pillow or perhaps some vibrant plants.

7. Don’t wear all black.

Coincidently, citrus colors like yellow, orange and green give off a vibe of happiness and elevate our spirits. Black, on the other hand, evokes strong emotions, but is also associated with intelligence and makes us appear central. Thus, adding a bright accessory to an all black outfit can really lighten your mood.

8. Get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep hygiene is very important. We work our bodies hard during the day so it’s really important that we rest the machine and care for it properly. When we have a good night’s sleep, it’s that deep slumber that allows us to restore our bodies. So try to squeeze in ample sleep time no matter how busy or stressed you are.

9. Eat the right things.

Good nutrition doesn’t generally come out of a box. Consume fresh foods and dark green, leafy vegetables. Avoid candy and eat natural sweets instead. This will help balance and boost your mood.

10. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for.

Give thanks, and create your own mantra that reinforces the joy and bliss in your own life. Happiness is a choice, and each day we must find things to be grateful for, and hence, happy about. 

image via imaxtree