The Glam Guide to Visiting Hong Kong

It was a good 48 hours in Hong Kong before I felt like I wasn't in New York City anymore; English-speaking denizens, huge Abercrombie billboards, AvroKO-designed restaurants and more or less every major Western retailer are bountiful in the Asian shopping capital. In fact, it took a private guided tour by Kensington Tours (worth the splurge when traveling to any culture-laden country) for me to truly feel like I was in the East.

One thing was ardently clear throughout, however, and that's that folks in Hong Kong LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop. It's the prime hobby of pretty much everyone in the city and given the breadth of options (whether at food markets or in any one of the countless shopping malls), it's hard to blame them. Here's a look at where the glitterati go to sleep, eat, shop and party when in Hong Kong.