What We Bought: Graphic Prints from Dries Van Noten, Uniqlo and More (Forum Shopaholics)

There’s something about spring and summer that calls for prints – but the prints that forum members have been falling for lately have a bit of a dark side. So here’s how they’ll be getting graphic in the very near future.

DvN-Hobby-Check-Stripe-print-dress-1 DvN-Dress-SS-2009


Luluposh showed off a weakness for all things Dries Van Noten with these two dresses from his Spring 2013 and Spring 2009 collections.

DvN-Blazer-SS-2012 DvN-SS12-bag


Luluposh kept the black and white Dries Van Noten theme going strong with a mixed print blazer from the designer’s Spring 2012 collection. She also splurged on this mixed print bag from the same collection. “Early birthday present to myself,” she confessed.

mint-designs-dress Forme-D'Expression-skirt-AW12


Luckyme also subscribed to the dark, graphic print aesthetic. “Just bought a patio dress from Mint Designs with chairs on it,” she shared.

In addition to that enviable Dries Van Noten haul, luluposh supplemented her wardrobe with a sculpted Forme D’Expression skirt.

Uniqlo-jacket Quiksilver-dress


Softgrey snagged this “too cute for words and really nice quality” polka dot jacket from Uniqlo. 

Taylorkristina, meanwhile, got a bit more whimsical with her summer prints, picking up a strapless dress with a beach umbrella motif from Quiksilver.