4 Fun Friend Dates to Have This Summer

image: IMAXtree

image: IMAXtree

Who needs a boyfriend when you can go on fun, drama-free friend dates? These are the good times we'll be having with our BFFs this summer!

90s nostalgia

Remember how fun it was to blast music in your room and dance around like fools with your BFF when you were a teen? Who are we kidding, we still do that (guilty!). Lucky for us, a bunch of hot boy bands are hitting the road this summer, including New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Backstreet Boys. What could be more fun than throwing on your band tees and jeans and bobbing your heads to the cool tunes? Umm, doing it together!

Adult amusement 

The older we get, the more we realize that amusement parks are so totally more fun as a big kid. No height limits and no cranky parents telling you that awesome ride is too dangerous. Check and check! Grab your best gal pal and your fave pair of cutoffs and hit the closest amusement park near you for a day of fun in the sun. Don't forget the sunscreen

Ice cream social

So your treat of choice these days is a bit more adult than it used to be. Take a break from happy hours and take a trip down memory lane with your BFF for some sweet treats. Better yet, make a day of it and hit up all your local ice cream shops. Who says ice cream has to be relegated to dessert, anyway? 

Shh! We're sleeping

Sleepovers were THE thing to do when you were younger, and now that you're adults they can be just as fun, if not more. Invite a few of your best pals over, tell everyone to bring their favorite nail polish and chick flick, and have a mani/pedi party while you're watching the hottest rom-coms. Don't forget the bad-for-you snacks and tasty alcoholic beverages, too. That's a must!