5 Canada Day Celebration Essentials

Oh Canada! It’s soon your birthday (your 146th), which means it’s almost time for us to have a hulking great big party in your honour! After all, you deserve it, given your vast and diverse landscape that never fails to impress or amaze us. We can’t wait to set off fireworks just for you, put on mouth-watering spreads of burnt BBQ meats or play party games in the blistering sun you’ll no doubt provide for Canada Day this July 1st. But what should one wear on your very special day?

While you, Canada, will be the belle of the ball in your maple leaf flag of red and white, I’ve compiled some must-have fashion essentials so that we mere mortals can at least try to look as stylish you. You’re a tough country to upstage, but herewith are a few items that can help us come party day…