Vine vs. Instagram Video: The Non-Techie Breakdown



Social video has seen a lot of changes in the past couple weeks. Before Android users could get really comfortable in the buzzy Vine app that became available to them June 3 (previously only available on the iPhone), Instagram dropped a big bomb on June 20: Instagram Video. 

Why did Instagram's game changer blow Vine's out of the water? For one thing, Instagram hit 130 million users the day after Vine launched for Instagram. By comparison, Vine had 13 million users before its launch for Android. New numbers haven't been released since Android users clamored to download the popular app, but it's pretty safe to say it's not breathing down Instagram's neck yet. Why do the numbers matter? Because your average user is going to use the app they're more comfortable with, so if Instagram has more users, it's probably going to come out on top. As an Android user, I had barely tinkered with Vine when Instagram Video launched, and I probably already have more Instagram videos than Vines. 

One big thing it's going to come down to is what's more important to you, the social aspect or making creative, innovative video. In that contest, Instagram wins hands down, especially in the fashion sphere. In the filmmaking world or performing arts, there's a chance Vine might be more relevant. The real crux is, even if making creative, innovative video is more important to you, there's a chance you'll still prefer Instagram. 

Here are some feature comparisons:

  • Vine videos are 6 seconds long, Instagram's are 15.
  • Vine's big gimmick is that its videos loop, Instagram's do not. 
  • Vines are embeddable, Instagram videos are not.
  • Instagram offers filters similar to the photo filters that made the app popular, Vine does not.
  • Instagram offers image stabilization, which is kind of a big deal, Vine does not.
  • Both apps allow you to use the front-facing camera for videos, save your videos to your device, use autoplay and auto sound (which can be annoying), and allow geotagging. Neither app lets you import videos or create drafts, which is an in-demand feature that Vine has said they're working on, no announced plans from Instagram yet.

There are definitely advantages to both apps and tinkering around with both until you find which one fits your lifestyle and social network best is the way to make a choice — if you even feel like you need to stick to just one video app! In app land, it's usually the more, the merrier.