Molly Sims: 5 Things Every Stylish Mom Should Know

image: Getty

image: Getty

Being a mother doesn't have to mean giving up your fashion savvy. Here are my five rules for being a stylish mom.

  1. It's very important to get out of your yoga clothes and your sweatpants and make an effort to get dressed every day.

  2. Don't feel guilty about treating yourself. Every mother deserves a manicure and a blowout.

  3. Invest in key fashion pieces: a great pair of flats, a jean shirt, a boyfriend jacket, a great tank top and a pair of jeans – they don't have to be skinny just ones you feel good in.

  4. Dressing up can be as easy as adding a statement necklace to a simple outfit. You don't need to go black tie to make a fashion statement. 

  5. Opt for a simple baby bag – something neutral – save the crazy patterns and designs for the lining.