What We Bought: Plaid Blouses From Zara, David Szeto Dress and More (Forum Shopaholics)

When it comes to retail therapy, forum members often find themselves turning to Zara for trendy, fashion-forward pieces that won’t necessarily break the bank. As you’ll see below, the last couple weeks are no exception. Here are some of our forum members’ latest buys.

David-Szeto-dress Zara-jacket


Contrary to popular forum practices, EvaH didn’t get her latest buy from Zara. This tangerine dress by David Szeto is a purchase (in true shopaholic fashion) she just couldn’t resist. “I absolutely love it and can’t bring myself to regret buying it, even if it is one size too big,” she confessed.

Embellished went on a little bit of a Zara binge. One of the items she picked up was this Chinoiserie-style embroidered jacket.

Zara-plaid-top Zara-plaid-top-2


Embellished rounded out her Zara purchases with two Dries Van Noten–inspired plaid blouses.

Zara-animal-print-shorts Zara-blue-tee


Juliette also jumped on the Zara bandwagon. She picked up a pair of loose animal print shorts and a royal blue top to wear with them.

Topman-skinny-fit-tux Zara-biker-jacket-in-green


Chanelcouture09 represented our male contingent with a Topman skinny fit blazer in navy blue. He, like some of our ladies, also went the Zara route, picking out a green biker jacket with a faux fur collar.